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Publications about meteors:
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Autor:  Ireneusz Włodarczyk [ 08 stycznia 2021, 15:35 ]
Tytuł:  Publications about meteors:

MeteorNews was started in 2016 in order to publish video, visual and radio meteor work more quickly, more easily and
without any membership or subscription requirements. It was an initiative by amateurs involved in CAMS and EDMOND video
networks. In the past 5 years, many amateurs and also professionals shared their work via MeteorNews. Time has proven that MeteorNews serves as a useful medium for the meteor community.
The latest January issue appeared last week and has 20 articles with 90 pages in total. The January 2021 issue and all previous issues can be downloaded free of charge:
MeteorNews is archived with the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System where articles remain available for reference
purposes :
MeteorNews now reaches a large audience worldwide. Everyone is welcome to publish meteor related topics. If you are
interested to share your work you are welcome to contact with MeteorNews.

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